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Butter Pecan

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Black Lives Matter! Really? Not through the eyes of the badge.

Butter Pecan is a fictional story I wrote after reading about the death of a beautiful young black woman. 

While embarking upon a new journey in a new city, she was pulled over by Texas law enforcement. Sadly, she was arrested and would later be found dead in her Texas jail cell. Her tragic death made headline news. 

I watched as the media gave me a glimpse into this young ladies life. A tiny little bit. Just enough to make me curious about who she really was and then poof! She was gone. Another African American murdered by the Police had taken her place.

That's what prompted me to write Butter Pecan. Instead of a snippet, I want to give you the story of a life lived. The story of someone who, like her, was loved. A person who mattered. A father, son and husband.
Welcome to the world of Sincere Fleming. A man born BLACK!

Who is Angela Moore?

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As a new author, I aim to entertain while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Although my stories are raw I don't believe a reader can totally engulf themselves into my characters without truly feeling the emotions that are portrayed. Since all of my books are a work of fiction I assure you that the folks I create will drag you into a relationship with them. They'll cause you to find it hard to believe that they are a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!
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