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Having grown up in a New Orleans orphanage, Memphis Fitzgerald is a boy with a traumatic past. After aging out of the system, he learns that he’s the child of Annabelle Fitzgerald, a wealthy socialite whore married to the callous Cornelius Fitzgerald. 

On his eighteenth birthday, with both of the elder Fitzgerald's now deceased, Memphis inherits their massive fortune, along with Annabelle's anguished ghost.

Josephine Baptiste is a Creole Goddess and the pride of her dear father, Alexandre Baptiste; one of the wealthiest men in the Bayou. Thanks to her dad, Josephine is engaged to the honorable Alberto Toussaint, which, to Alexandre, is a union made in heaven.

When Alexandre notices Memphis eyeing his greatest possession, he lets it be known that, no matter the amount of Fitzgerald's inheritance, no sum will suffice in making him a man decent enough for his Josephine.

Money or no money, Memphis Fitzgerald is on the hunt. With notorious friends from his past as his allies, he sets out to capture the creature that gives him a reason for living, Josephine Baptiste. 

Who is Angela Moore?

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As a new author, I aim to entertain while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Although my stories are raw I don't believe a reader can totally engulf themselves into my characters without truly feeling the emotions that are portrayed. Since all of my books are a work of fiction I assure you that the folks I create will drag you into a relationship with them. They'll cause you to find it hard to believe that they are a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!
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